Cash paid for your unwanted guitar. Call 01789 26 33 33

If you have a guitar you want to get rid of for some quick cash, let me know as I am really keen to build up my inventory of interesting second hand guitars for sale.

(TEL: 01789 26 33 33 and ask for Richard)

Every guitar we take on is meticulously reconditioned and set up to our normal high standards.

This weekend I was showing off some of our latest guitars and you would never believe they were even second hand.

One Vintage V100 is now selling at £199.  It is in immaculate condition and not only that but it plays so much better than when it was brought in.  There is no doubt this guitar plays better than when it was originally sold (not surprising of course for a Vintage - but if we can turn them into superb playing guitars then great!).

I have been updating the guitars which have been arriving in at the used guitars section of but I really ought to duplicate the information at too.... anyway - thats another story!

I really want to keep an interesting selection of guitars in at all times if possible - providing incredible value to my customers - fully reconditioned and playing beautifully of course.

So don't be worried if your guitar is totally beaten up either - it will always have "a" value even if that value may be very low!

Call me on 01789 26 33 33 for further details or bring in your guitar for a quote.