Richards Reserve & Reward Scheme for accessories

If you have looked at my last news blog you will know I am starting a new scheme whereby you can order accessories for weekend delivery or shop collection.

I am really keen to provide a genuine specialist service for my home community and providing accessories is such an important service for players in the local area.

There is no doubt that if local players take to the idea I will be able to carry more and more accesssories in stock but in the mean time this new service will help me work out what the most popular requirements are.

I place my order with D'addario every Thursday and delivery is next day to me - hence anything you order up to Thursday 12pm will be waiting for you on the Saturday.

To illustrate my gratitude for anyone who makes use of the service I will record each accessory orders value, 10% of which can be reinbursed against future accessory or workshop purchases - hence the name reserve and reward!  The more you use my shop for your accessory requirements the more you can redeem in the future.

Possibly far more importantly, it is natural that if you are supporting my business for your accessory requirements the more likely it is for us to build a mutually beneficial relationship IE next time you need a guitar I would happily take your support of my business into account.  Anyone who knows me personally knows this is how I work anyway.

So, support me and I will always be here for you - I promise!

More News...

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