Improve your acoustic tone for £20? Take the O-Port Challenge and bag one FREE!

If you play acoustic guitar and live close enough to pop in and collect the very latest hot cookie in the acoustic World then you will be interested my O-Port trial!

I have 10 O-Ports which I am giving away totally free of charge in order to get your comments on whether you think the O-Port worked for you and your guitar.

Pop in to the store, I will give you the O-Port and when you have had enough time to gather your thoughts just leave your feedback at my forum right here..

If you click on the link you will also find a video tutorial and trial via a You Tube Demo.

The O-Port is an amazing little invention that genuinely improves the tone of any guitar.  I see this ideally positioned for people who have a cheaper guitar, want to better the tone but don't want to spend a fortune on upgrading their guitar.

Cool eh?  Well, let me know what you think by taking the O-Port challenge!

[caption id="attachment_450" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Take The O-Port Challenge? Worth £20 or just a load of hot air?"][/caption]

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