UNHAPPY Customer

Nope, this isn't one of those things where I turn it all around and say "here's the happy ending!" or "what a wally!!" but just one of those scenarios that you just don't know how it gets to "that point".

I received an order for some of my new timber tone plectrums.  I recently decided to allow customers to buy a few accessories online and to be frank - I really shouldn't have.  My focus is on guitars of course but with a letter box right on my doorstep (literally) I thought it wouldnt hurt.  I think this story is reminder to myself to remain focused on what I do and what I love - and not to extend myself beyond that point.

In came the order - out went the plectrums (I think the order value was about £10).

First I knew of a problem was a customer wanting to know where his plectrums where.    Unfortunately that week was a bank holiday week, then I was at Center Parcs for an extended weekend away.

Regrettably I have simply forgotten to re-send the order as thankfully I have been emmersed in guitar enquiries and sales which I cannot excuse is my focus.

I have decided that following this problem I will only sell accessories ALONGSIDE/INCLUDED WITH guitar orders.  You try and do what you think is right but also have to learn from your mistakes.

You would think that to be the end of the story but today I contacted my server guys about problems I have been having with emails - I even sent an email to myself which didnt come back to me - so I knew there was an issue... they explained that there was a problem with "spam assasin" which is my spam filter.

When the emails started coming through (backlocked on the server)...

I received the letter (shown below) from the understandably upset customer.

I am printing the letter in order to illustrate that I am not afraid of being up front and honest about the " you know what hitting the fan".  I am human, try my best at all times and am deeply sorry when it may appear I am anything but professional in my approach.  It also demonstrates that it is good to see both sides to a story.

Here is the letter...

Dear Richard,

Once again you have not responded to my e-mail to let me know where my order
is up to. I am perplexed as to why you have ignored my e-mails nor sent my
order as agreed when we spoke on the telephone on the 8th September 2010 and
discussed this matter. I am very disappointed with your service,
particularly as I used your shop on recommendation from a couple of members
of a guitar forum. I will be informing the appropriate members of that forum
of the standard of service that I have had and will also be pursuing a
refund should my order not arrive by Tuesday.

I have used the internet for many purchases over the years and unfortunately
this is the only time I have had to pursue an order. What is particularly
disappointing is that we have actually spoken on the telephone about this
and whilst I took your excuse that you were on holiday and then had a day of
on your return at face value, I have still not received my order despite you
taking payment on the 28th August and your reasurances when we spoke on the
8th September that you would ensure it would be sent out.

Please can you look into this matter and ensure that I am contacted by
telephone with an update. My duty telephone number is **********. Should I
not receive the goods paid for I will be instructing my credit card company
to reclaim the payment.

The e-mails and order details are all documented below for your information.




So to Chris, my deepest apologies.

Chris will of course be receiving a refund today and I am adding a further £5 for his inconvenience.

Well thats life - you can't please all the people all the time - however hard you try.

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