G&L Tribute Guitars. Your Dedicated UK Specialist!

G&L Guitars have been a passion of mine for many years.  In fact I adore the USA made guitars but because the G&L Tribute guitars are so wonderful for the money I find it difficult to justify the investment in the American models - despite my own personal passsion for them.  I would happily spend the money on the US models but still not sure if Guitarists out there agree!  What I know for SURE is that Tribute guitars represent, without any doubt at all, the finest guitars on the market in the genre they represent.
What sets G&L Tribute Guitars apart from the likes of Fender is that at the price you pay (from £499) you are still getting the same harware as found on the USA made custom shop models.  The pickups and hardware are exported to the Far East where the bodies are made and guitars assembled in the Cort factory (another reason why I know the build quality is top notch!).
You can find the latest G&L Guitars for sale in stock here and feel free to chat to me online using my live help facility if you require a guitar not showing in stock.
I liase with the UK supplier every week and work very closely indeed with them.  I can acquire any available model in a couple of days.
Every G&L Tribute Guitar is hand finished meticulously in our workshop pre sale and set up to your personal specification.
If you are unaware of the service provided by Richard at Richards Guitars just visit my website http://www.richardsguitars.co.uk
I do hope I can help you further with your G&L Guitar requirements!

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