The Godin Montreal. The Ultimate Acoustic/Electric Hybrid (Don't expect to read about it in Guitarist)

I was shocked this month to read Guitarists review of the latest Fender acoustic/electric hybrid guitar.  Talk about money talks!  As long as Fender keep shoving advertising revenue into Future Publishings back pocket I suppose you can hardly expect an unbiased review can you?  One thing for sure, when waxing lyrical about the Fender and Taylor T5 they seemed to forget what has to be the most impressive acoustic/electric hybrid I have ever seen - the Godin Montreal.

As a former main dealer for Taylor guitars I remember how incredibly dissapointed I was with the Taylor T5.  Jack of all trades and master of none sums it up perfectly.  Neither the electric or acoustic tone did anything for me at all - and at £2000 you want the thing to impress right?

The Godin Montreal has to be one of the most under profiled guitars on the market today.  Even Godin don't seem to talk about it much!  The library photos on the Godin site do NOTHING for it all either.  It looks....brown?

In the flesh the story is very different.  Its beauty takes your breath away. Asthetically every angle and recess seems to have been thought out for both useability and asthetically.  Bottom line is that it is simply drop dead gorgeous.

Tonally, the Godin Montreal immediately brings a huge smile to the face of anyone who tries it.  Twin outputs enable you to blend electric and acoustic tones and the acoustic output has a bass,mid, treble in the normal Godin style.

I am one of the biggest sceptics when it comes to acoustic/electric hybrids - prior to the Godin Montreal I couldnt actually say I had been impressed by any other (I never sold Parkers and I am led to believe they are pretty good too but you will have to investigate that one yourself - I just find the styling puts me off immediately and call me old fashioned but I want to enjoy picking the thing up).

Trust me.  If you want one of the most beautiful, versatile acoustic electric hybrid guitars with the quality of PRS with so much more to offer - check out the Godin Montreal as soon as you can.

Contact me if you want to take one for a test drive!

Its a shame that the likes of Guitarist don't (or won't?) provide an honest overview of what is available in the market, rather than only profiling advertisers products but hey ho - thats the World we live in right?

Click on the link to see the Godin Montreal in our catalogue.  Our price as always includes meticulous quality control and hand finishing, setup to your personal specification.

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