Used Guitars For Sale

I am really enjoying the process of buying and selling used guitars.   I seem to have found quite a niche in terms of how we take on the guitar, refurbish and then sold on in immaculate condition!

Since being in Stratford I have been getting a lot more passers by offering me their guitars which has led to a much greater choice for me personally and has given me the opportunity to cherry pick all the guitars that I like and believe have something to offer my customers.

To keep in touch with my used guitars for sale you can either visit my classifieds site or keep in touch with my used guitars page at my retail site...

My Twitter page at is used specifically for posting out used guitar sales literally as they hit my classifieds site and I do tend to use that for my gear too.

So if you want to get a great deal on a used guitar but are concerned about the quality of the guitar you may end up with, make sure you keep your eyes on my used guitars section because you can be guaranteed it will be a beauty!

As of typing this I have used guitars by Fender, Godin, Cort, G&L, Fre-King, PRS all in stock.

Maybe see you soon!

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