Live Help = I Am Human!

In all the years I have been providing my live help facility (which must be over 10 years now?) I have been pleasantly surprised by how few people abuse the system.  You would think I would have crack pots every minute wasting my time but nope, 99.9% of enquiriers are genuine...

However! (There had to be a but!)....

The one thing that winds me up are the people that presume that because they cannot see my eyes, they presume that some how the answers are provided by some mechanoid, provided to give comprehensive replies on guitar related questions.  I know they must consider me a robot as there would be no other excuse for not providing a quick "thank you" or even "goodbye" following receipt of the advice I have provided!  Just the cold "ping" of them leaving the site with their pockets full of free information provided by their mechanoid assistant Richard!

Tonight was another one of those nights...

I wont bore you with the extended story but basically this evening I received an enquiry and as always  I wrote a whole screen of advice and direction and concluded that if the customer wanted any guitars that were currently not in stock I could make sure they would be available for next weeks potential visit.

The next moment.... "ping!" ...... gone....

Ooops?  Have I offended him?  Nope, we just have a classic case of "richardsarobotitise" - that rare disease that effects a small minority who presume anyone giving advice at 9pm in the evening via a website must be a robot.

So... I go back to getting the kids to bed....

10 minutes later - he's back? Putting the kids to bed back on hold....  His opening request makes no mention to cutting me off without a thank you or goodbye but is now demanding the very best deal on a guitar he wants to part exchange (not even a hello, its me again but my computer shows me who it is - so I know!).

Being too proud for my own good and a stickler for good old fashioned MANNERS I responded by telling the customer if he hasn't got the time to thank someone for the amount of advice I had just provided in the last communication I wouldn't be intersted in doing business with him - and closed the communication.

10 minutes later I received an email from the customer with comments about me, the accuracy of which were variable but the bottom line is it proved to me that I really didn't want to be doing business with someone who can't even spell GIMP (I dont think its spelt with a y?)

So in summary I ask only a couple of things for anyone visiting on live help.

1.  Hello

2.  Goodbye/Thank you and if you are feeling really appreciative - both!

Not too much to ask? 

 Not for most of you thank god...... well..... thank YOU.