Stonebridge DS22 CM & HE2 Pickup Testimonial Following Live Recorded Acoustic Performance with Shakin Stevens (You Tube Clip Coming Soon)

I have just received a lovely letter that I thought I should share with you!   The following letter and photo was from Shakin Stevens main guitarist who is currently touring (as always!) with Shaky.  
 After I introduced him to Stonebridge guitars he has literally fallen in love with them.  My role was to supply him with a suitable Stonebridge for this specific event which would require a pickup fitting too so they could record the event for television broadcast over the Christmas holidays.
I would like to stress that when I initially begun helping Martyn I had no knowledge of his background and at no point did he ever ask or expect to receive a players discount - I think this not only shows what a lovely guy he is but also how REAL musicians are turning to Stonebridge without having to be paid to play them (unlike most hi profile bands).
Martyn tried a whole range of Stonebridge guitars and finally fell for the DS22 CM - Here is the letter I have just received over the weekend...
Hope you're well.
Just wanted to drop you a quick note about the guitar following the trip to Denmark.
It's the 1st time I've ever had so many compliments about any guitar I've played!!! (note - not the playing!!)
On the same bill was Suzanne Vega and her Irish guitarist Gerry Leonard. (
Gerry also plays with David Bowie and Rufus Wainwright as well as writing and producing in New York. Gerry was especially impressed so I've told him I'll pass on info about Stonebridge. They get over to the UK reasonably frequently and I'll try and continue to promote my enthusiasm for the guitar with them!

[caption id="attachment_523" align="aligncenter" width="640" caption="Martyn Hope, Shakin Stevens, Suzanne Vega & Gerry Leonard get ready for the show which included the Stonebridge DS22 CM Plus Headway HE2 supplied and fitted by Richards Guitars"][/caption]

Shaky LOVES the new guitar - he said he couldn't get over how full the sound was. So I'm on to a winner with him there!
Finally, the guitar tech on the show was also really impressed. He was looking after around 20-25 guitars/ mandolins/ lap steels etc during the 3 days and he said there was something really immediately appealing about the Stonebridge - great feel and fantastic balance. I must admit when he handed the guitar having been tune through his ridiculously expensive strobe tuner it sounded SO good. He'd heard of Furch but never come across one. He was also really impressed with the Headway system.
He said a great guitar and great monitoring doesn't need anything else!
It was a great opportunity for all to hear as the whole 12 pc band / 45 pc orchestra and 100's of crew were all on in-ear monitors and the sound was the best I've ever experienced! 
It wasn't all plain saining though! I did manage to break the D and G string in the 1st song on the 1st night - that was pretty tough but in many ways focussed even more attention on the guitar - I think it was my over-enthusiam rather than anything faulty - it got everyone talking though - and probably watching even closer on the 2nd night!! 
I backed of on the heavy picks I use and used a little self-control for the 2nd night. Finn, the guitar tech told me it's not uncommon on new guitars for this to happen as the strings have yet to bite there way into the saddle. Anyway - I'm assured that the 2nd night gave them all the pictures and sound that they need for the broadcast. As soon as I have anything I'll let you know. I made sure the headstock was right next to Shaky !!
The show will be broadcast on 18th Dec in Scandanavia (about 2 million audience) and again on Christmas Day.
Anyway - the point of this was to thank you both again for going to a lot of trouble to help make this happen for me. It's really appreciated.
All the great comments about the guitar are well deserved and I hope it leads to a little more exposure. 
As well as the UK tour in Feb'11 Shaky's planning a lot more dates as well as TV in Germany in May and hopefully a new album in 2011.
I'll keep you posted!
Best wishes

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