FREE Electronic Headstock Guitar Tuners at

If you haven't already used advertise your guitar for sale or browse the pages for used guitars for sale - why not?!!

I introduced the service in February this year and we now have a whopping 900 followers on Twitter, each one receiving updates whenever new products are listed.  Adverts rank incredibly well on Google too which is a major selling tool for any advertiser.

Only a couple of days ago a Godin Velocity was listed.  It has already received 100 views!!  Also, check out Google and you will see it up their on the first page.  It doesn't get any better than that!

Adverts remain live until SOLD but need to be refreshed by the click of a button every 6 weeks to ensure what is on the system is indeed still current.

Anyway - I will stop waffling on and get to the point!

I am now offering a FREE electronic headstock guitar tuner to any advertiser whom feels let down by the system due to poor performance.

We have a number of ways of monitoring performance of adverts and rest assured we are not looking for ways of "getting out" of passing on the tuners!  Each tuner is branded with the domain so I am more than happy to have the guitars "out there" to anyone who doesn't feel they got the best value from the advert alone.

If you would like to know how I assess the success of the advert, please chat to me on the live help facility!

So, the bottom line is your advert initially costs just £5.  For your £5 you can list your guitar until sold and if it becomes clear that your advert has been unsuccessful due to a poorly performing advert you get a tuner which is retailed at up to £20 in shops around the UK.

Can advertising be any fairer?

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