Xmas Orders Update

Well we have managed to get all the Xmas orders out the door before this next band of cold weather hits us! Phew!

Bottom line is that I am now underplaying the chances of delivery pre Xmas to any enquirers which however frustrating for me is only being honest to the situation.

ANY dealer who tells you they can promise you ANY delivery pre Xmas now for ANYTHING is basically trying their luck - they don't care about whether you get it for Christmas - they just want the order.  My personal advice would be not to order anything over the internet now - there is so little certainty with the weather and courier services ability to function to anywhere near their normal level.

My priority is always to not let people down and hand on heart, if you want it for Christmas, drive here and we can help you with what we have left on the shelf - which is very much diminishing by the day but we will do our best to help.