Shakin' Stevens with the Stonebridge DS22CM acoustic guitar supplied by Richards Guitars

Martyn Hope (Shakin Stevens guitarist) recently fell in love with Stonebridge acoustic guitars and I was proud to have assisted him with his quest for finding the perfect Stonebridge for his requirements.

He is actually a fantastic acoustic guitarist and the video doesn't do justice to his musical talents but hey this is rock n roll and his role here is very much supporting the man himself  - Shakin Stevens.

As well as plumping for a DS22 CM Martyn required a top quality pickup for the live recording and for this purpose we fitted the wonderful Headway HE2.  His recording engineer was gobsmacked by the quality and both shaky and everyone who checked out Martins new acoustic were incredibly impressed.

Here is Shaky performing with Martyn Hope and the DS22 CM of course!