Merry Christmas & A BIG Thank You!

Well I had better start of by saying the last couple of weeks have been anything but merry for me and my family.  Initially hit with a sickness bug and then the last week the whole family have been suffering from an extremely nasty flu strain.  The shop has been all but closed for the past week!  I am keeping my fingers crossed I will feel half alive for the big day tomorrow.

So whilst personally things have been tough for me and my family, on a business level I cannot thank you all enough for your support and for appreciating the service I offer.   What I do isnt rocket science but based on good old fashioned values and a passion for getting things right - which I TRY to do as much as possible!

I would like to thank Phil & Chris who have been real stars in the workshop and doing an amazing job of putting the Richards Guitar Workshop on the map!

The move to Stratford was literally a total spur of the moment thing and was achieved on a total shoe string budget as I had no time to budget for it - however the result was beyond my imagination and the business has thrived in its new location.  On a personal level I couldnt be happier in my new home and I get a real sense of appreciation from the local community - which is wonderful.

Anyway - starting to sweat now - too much typing - time to lie down!!

I just didnt want Christmas to come and go, however ill I am feeling without saying THANK YOU and....


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