Ebay.... AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well the story goes like this...

I am raising awareness of Guitars.co.uk guitar classifieds through the sale of electronic guitar tuners on Ebay.

The price starts at 1p and no reserve!

Bottom line is Ebay users get the chance of buying a tuner at a ridiculously low price but the tuner they receive has guitars.co.uk branding on it - and all the people looking at the advert get to learn about guitars.co.uk too - so thats the background.

Have listed 4 or 5 tuners....

So far one person hasn't paid and I now have to "chase" him to collect all of £5 - not worth my time!

One customer has complained about the quality of packaging (I used brown tape around a4 paper lol) even though he paid £4.40 - NO delivery charge and it arrived the day after the auction ended.  What kind of loser gets upset about about the packaging when they have received a £20 tuner for £4.40 carriage free within 24 hours of an auction ending?

Finally a third customer has complained his has not arrived.  Yeh right - silly me sent it standard post and he is now waiting for me to post him a second one no doubt.

Is it me or is Ebay just full of geeks, people who want something for nothing and lieing little ****s.

Or maybe I am just ever so slightly over generalising here.

One thing for sure, I am so grateful for my "normal" customers.  Thank you!

Sorry about the rant..... xx

(Its Just Ebay - I ALWAYS seem to have an utter nightmare using it and the "relationship" with the customer is so unlike what I am used to!!!!!)