Turn your unwanted guitar into cash today.

I see so many guitars being auctioned on Ebay, not being sold anywhere near their real value because it seems people feel they have no other way of getting the cash they need.  Well why go through all the hassle of setting up your advert online, paying listing fees, 10% sale fee, then having Paypal commission (6%) taken off too (and even then the sale is not even guaranteed!!) when you can just email me and potentially raise the cash you need in 24-48 hours?

If you are looking to raise some cash quickly and have a guitar you no longer require I may be able to help.

For a speedy resolution please email me at richard@richardsguitars.co.uk the following:


As much detail as possible such as age, model, brand, price you paid (did you buy it new or used?)

Your contact number


And to make things much smoother it would be ideal if you gave me a realistic view of what you hope to get back for the guitar in terms of an immediate no ties payment.

Alternatively bring the guitar in to me in person at my showrooms 5 Tiddington Road, Stratford Upon Avon, Warwickshire, CV37 7AE

Feel free to call me on 01789 26 33 33 if you would like to chat with me in person or use the live help facility on my website http://www.richardsguitars.co.uk

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