The Truth About Gordon-Smith Guitar Pickups

One of the myths that surround Gordon Smith Guitars is that they actually wind the pickups in house in the Gordon Smith Workshop in Manchester!

Of course it doesn't take the biggest sceptic to presume that even if they once were produced by hand in the legendary workshop they probably are not any more.  Like all things that start life so great, the quality standards are generally eroded over time, watering down the values of the original ethos until the product becomes a poor substitute to the original (how many brands can you say this about?  Most it feels).

So do Gordon-Smith still produce their own pickups or not?

The answer is... They do!

I personally visited John Smith and his wife Linda and was given a wonderful guided tour of the workshop - and in the corner was this little beauty (photo courtesy of my good friend Andrew at

[caption id="attachment_633" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Don't ask me its official name but I will call it the Gordon Smith Guitar Pickup Spool!"]Gordon Smith Guitar Pickup winding spool[/caption]

So not only can I personally verify that 30 years on Gordon Smith Guitars have their pickups wound in house, I can tell you they continue to use the same machinery for the job which is actually handled by Linda - Johns wife!  Linda is the expert on winding pickups - fascinating!

A true husband and wife team.

So thats the truth about Gordon-Smith Guitar Pickups!

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