Used Guitars For Sale @ Richards Guitars, Stratford Upon Avon

It seems the 16 years I have been building my reputation for selling only the very best playing guitars (every guitar we sell is meticulously set up and quality controlled pre sale) has enabled me to rapidly build a niche for promoting used guitars for sale.

The combination of my new higher profile location in Stratford Upon Avon, high profile web presence (see and first class workshop facilities has enabled me to become a hub for the trading of pre owned guitars.

When buying a used guitar from Richards Guitars you win on every level...

* You get the guitar cheaper than you ever could if buying new - even from a faceless box shifter which lets face it most of the lowest prices are!

* You don't lose any money if you decide to sell the guitar on at a later date

* You get the benefit of the guitar being set up to your personal specification which you certainly rarely do on even new guitar sales

* You are also doing your bit for the planet!  Yep - recycling is GREEN! 

A used guitar bought from Richards Guitars have been completely refurbished, quality controlled and setup so you are assured of the finest used guitar money can buy.

If you would like advice on selling your guitar, please contact me on 01789 26 33 33 and I will be happy to advise on the best option which may be a direct purchase, me selling your guitar for you or advice on placing an advert on my site

Regardless of whether you are looking to buy or sell a guitar I can certainly help advise on the best dirction to take.

For the latest used guitars in stock visit

or follow my Twitter at classifieds for my sales and my fellow private advertisers.

Hope to speak to you soon!

[caption id="attachment_645" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Patrick Eggle Berlin Pro £999 at time of posting!"]USed guitars for sale at Richards Guitars[/caption]

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