Stratford Upon Avon Music Scene - Now On Facebook!

To find it just do a search on Facebook for "Stratford Upon Avon" and I am sure you will find it - If not, this link should work...!/home.php?sk=group_222168531129315

The idea is to help musicians, music services & venues to get to know each other.  A network that can be used for a myriad of reasons!  You may be a musician looking for a band member, a venue looking for a musican to play - the range of reasons why you may use or join the group is endless and I really hope it brings everyone in Stratford that bit closer together.

I am a little bit of a hermit - certainly on the reclusive side - so putting this group together helps me feel like I am contributing to the local area in a way I may otherwise find difficult to do - especially when I am always so busy at work.

So if you are a musician or music service in Stratford please do join the group today!

If you NEED a musician or music service someone in the group can no doubt help too.