Used Fender Guitars

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Used Fender guitars have a particular place in my heart.  This may come as a surprise to many people who have followed me over the years but it shouldn't - and here is why...

My issue with Fender Guitars was never that they are "bad" guitars or poor instruments in any way at all but the way in which they are force fed into the market is embarrasing for any ambassador for the brand.  The constant new variations on a theme.  The Tele and Strat are obviously classics but poor old Fender have the job of re-inventing the wheel every month it seems.  This is what drove me to depression - even though we were buying in excess of £20,000 of guitars every month. 

Selling NEW Fender Guitars destroyed my passion for the guitars.

SO - Here we are at Richards Guitars with my focus as always on providing the very best value and the most beautifully playable guitars money can buy.  What better environment could you have for buying a used Fender Guitar?  Every used Fender guitar is reconditioned in our workshop and setup specifically to the buyers bespoke requirements.

Benefits of buying a Used Fender guitar

# Cut out the losses you inevitably suffer when you buy a new one.  A used Fender guitar from Richards Guitars will hold its value and in the long term you may even find it appreciates.

# It will play BETTER than new.  As someone who knows how a guitar plays straight from the box I can say with total certainty a used Fender guitar from Richards Guitars will play much nicer than a new one bought from some online box shifter

# Its GREEN!!!  When you buy a used Fender guitar you are recycling.  This is fantastic for the environment (I kid you not).  No extra transportation & production waste.  Recylcing guitars is every bit as important as recycling your waste at home!

# On a personal level there is one impotant plus - I am not funding Fenders BS marketing campaigns!!!  It makes me sick to see Fender Monthly (sorry - I meant to say Guitarist magazine) promoting the endless re-incarnations, pushing out any profile for incredibly good guitar brands that never get a look in.  The used Fender Guitars I sell are awesome value, beautifully setup instruments - end of story. 

# When you buy a used Fender Guitar from Richards Guitars you will not be drawn into the marketing I mentioned in the previous point.  Chat to me and I will tell you the pros and cons of whatever used Fender guitar I have for sale at the time.  I will help you make comparisons with other favourable instruments like my beautiful G&L Tribute guitars etc.  No BS - just an honest, professional view from someone who has an extremely in depth knowledge of Fender guitars.

Hope to see you soon!

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