Online Guitar Valuation & Advertising Service

Want to realise the true market value for your guitar?

Want to sell your guitar as quickly as possible without giving it away?

Fed up with expensive listing and sales fees on Auction sites?

Totally confused about how to sell your guitar?!

You need my new guitar valuation and advertising service in association with

I have been "selling" guitars for 16 years - since July 1995.  My former business would be responsible for the sale of 8-10 guitars a day and in my current role where I am far more specialised in the sale of a much smaller selection of personally recommended guitars and the sale of reconditioned used guitars I may sell 2-3 guitars a day.   So, if you do the maths you will work out I have sold a LOT of guitars in 16 years!

This experience has enabled me to gain a genuine feel/sense of the market at any one moment in time.  Trends in the market and the economic climate all play a part, as does the condition of the guitar.  If you are selling the guitar privately how you put your advert together is possibly the most important aspect!

There is no point in getting your guitar valued if you cannot present your sales message in a clear and approachable manner.  (Anyway - thats another story that can wait for now).

Valuing your guitar correctly is incredibly important.  Every single day there are people selling their guitars well below the market value simply because they do not know what is a "fair" price for their guitar - and when they don't get any interest in online Auction sites they presume they need to reduce the price.  The online auction mentality has totally scewed what people believe their guitars are worth as they rarely find their true value.

Let me give you an example...

Customer A has a G&L Legacy for sale.  I have recently seen someone sell a USA G&L Legacy in perfect condition for £500 on a well known auction site.  Does this make the guitar worth £500?  Nope.  All it means is that on the day / week of the auction there were not enough people (2) to bid against each other to bring the price up to what is its true value.  In the REAL World it only takes ONE person to want the guitar you own for you to realise the true market value - not TWO.   The reality is that the person who bought the G&L for £500 may well have paid £600 or £700 if asked to - because he wanted the guitar!!  The guitar is actually worth up to around £800 but only sold for £500 because of the nature of how the auction site worked.

How long it takes for "the" person to come along is the variable which is hard to control (!!) but what is MOST important is when that person comes along that you have your guitar valued at the FAIR MARKET PRICE.    If you don't have your guitar at the right price you will simply lose the potential sale that you have been waiting for.  What the customer determines is a fair price will also depend on the presentation of your advert (that keeps cropping up doesn't it?).  After all if the guitar is worth £800 but your pictures are grainy, your spelling is poor and you come across in the wrong way you will never realise the £800.

So here is what I offer...

If your intention is to sell your guitar I provide the following service.

* Guitar Valuation

* Email report showing how I came to the valuation figure.  The report will include all relevant links to important online resources used to finalise my valuation.

*  FREE Advert on which can include as many images as you wish, link to an outside website (maybe Ebay if you wish to list there too) which I will personally edit/support once you have initially created it.  My aim will be to ensure your advert really does do justice to what you have in your possession.  

This service therefore provides the valuation, evidence to support the valuation AND the wording to ensure you can sell your guitar at its market value and as quickly as possible. 

This service is worth its weight in gold!  The cost of the service is far outweighed by the savings you will make by A) Selling your guitar quicker B) Selling your guitar at its true value C) Avoiding all the expensive fees associated with selling on auction sites.

How to proceed:

Email  In the header please enter "Guitar Valuation & Advertising Service"

I will forward you a paypal request (invoice) for £25 which covers your valuation and your advert.

Once you have paid your fee you will be prompted to register at and create your initial advert.

Once you have created the very basic framework of your advert I will use my research material to help improve your advert, provide a fair market price and do whatever is necessary to help you give the right impression to the seller.

As I say I have been doing this very successfully for 16 years.  You can trust me to make this work for you.

If there is anything you are still unsure of please call me on 01789 26 33 33 or chat to me on the live help.

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