What you won't be buying from Richards Guitars (Thanks to our quality control)

This week my customers won't be buying...

Stonebridge A17 40CM  with action a tad high and no room on the saddle to get the action where we need it.  Rejected

G&L Legacy Natural Ash finish.  The two piece body has been poorly matched and I am not happy with the cosmetic detail (I will bring you a picture when I have time). Rejected

Godin Kinpin CWII.  Pickups poorly mounted resulting in them being way too close to the strings.  Requires some major reshaping of the pickup mounts to rectify.  Rejected.

Cort SFX 12 String.  Couldn't get the action setup to our standard, no saddle left and poor geometry.

Although rejecting guitars is all par for the course when we hand finish them ready for sale, this week brough more than its fair share of issues - however, you take the rough with the smooth!!!

On reflection however I get such a great feeling knowing that I stuck to my principles and each one of these customers trust in my service paid off for them!

If you are thinking of buying a guitar from Richards Guitars - trust me - you are in safe hands I promise!!

More News...

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