An Example of a "Cosmetic" Reject During Quality Control. G&L Tribute Legacy

Maybe I will try and bring you more of these.  They may prove interesting and informative and give you a real insight into the quality standard I aim to provide my customers.

Todays example is one of those borderline areas where I think "Is it just me being "me" or is this just not right?"  Frankly I am past caring as I tend to urr on the side of "If I don't like it, nor will some of my customers!".

It is a G&L Legacy in natural ash.  A wonderful guitar which at £479 online is staggering value and puts the Fender Standard Stratocaster to shame.

However, this model is in 2 pieces but the 2 sides are in my opinion very poorly matched.  I don't think the photo gives you the sense of "difference" as much as it felt when I opened the box and the distributor could easily argue I am on dangerous ground but I don't think it is too much to ask for a guitar that looks like one guitar and not 2 stuck together!

My distribution partners are well aware of my quality control and are always happy to oblige in returns - thankfully!

[caption id="attachment_724" align="aligncenter" width="205" caption="If you look in the bottom centre you will see where the 2 pieces join and the grain is badly matched. For me this is a reject and no customer of mine will be receiving this one."][/caption]

You can discuss annoying wood grain on my forum.  Thought it would make an interesting topic!!