Cort Yorktown. The Perfect Upgrade from the Epiphone ES-175

I have just updated my online catalogue regarding the Cort Yorktown jazz guitar.  Cort produce a number of wonderful semi acoustic guitars and maybe I am guilty of not pushing this area enough?  Its all about time - I have to prioritise my time every day and have just not made the time to focus on these - I have to apologise!  It's not that I am not always raving about them, I just haven't really done so online.

So the following story will help put my views into perspective and should provide a fantastic guide for you guys thinking about where Cort quality fits into the options available by Epiphone.

It goes like this...

The Cort Yorktown is a guitar that every jazz enthusiast should know about.  This was made all the more apparent only a couple of days ago when I was pushed into making an A/B comparison with an Epiphone ES175.

A customer brought in the guitar and asked me whether I felt he would benefit from an upgrade to a Cort or Burny guitar.  Being honest (!!) my initial comments to him were along the lines of "well, this guitar feels nice, plays ok and you may not feel the jump up would be great "enough" to justify selling your guitar to upgrade to a say a Cort."  However, as I played the guitar a little more I began to realise I was being WAY to nice about this guitar.  Sure, it felt ok, played ok, the finish was fine but it was REALLY lacking what every deaper bodied jazzer should have - that wonderful woody, boxy tone when played acoustically.

I went though into the other room, picked up this guitar and was INSTANTLY struck by this exact characteristic.  It blew me away - all the more because of the fact I had spent a few minutes on the Epiphone.  It made me appreciate the Cort all the more.

So, if you are considering buying the Epiphone at around £350 from faceless box shifters online - save up your money and buy this massively superior guitar.  All Cort guitars are finished beautifully but more importantly you will get that great jazz tone which is so badly lacking in the Epiphone.

Another beauty by Cort!

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European delivery is £15 and includes our meticulous quality control and personalised setup bespoke to your playing requirement.

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