Technology eh? Website update

About a week ago or so I pressed a button that effectively deleted the contents of my catalogue on my laptop.  Hence I haven't updated the catalogue since then!  I have just had the technical support guys check out the database but its no go from them.  So the only advice is to rebuild the "site".  When I say site I mean the actual catalogue section of the site.

The "GOOD" news is that I backed up the site about 3 months ago so I don't have to start from scratch entirely!  The main section that I wil lose is the Faith Guitars.  So I can either reload the site without them temporarily or work through an evening to copy and paste it all back in - no doubt I will do the latter.

Another bit of good news is that this whole debarcle has concentrated my mind to needing my site completely professionally redesigned and this is now in hand.  I have an amazing website design company involved who have created some spectacular websites.  Of course my business is about the content but it does need a "shell" that I can be equally proud of and easy to navigate.   Well its all in hand.  Hopefully launching prior to Xmas.  Watch this space.

Anyway... if you see me with bags under my eyes this week.... you know why!