35 Nice Shiny Guitars Replace.....Cardboard Boxes!

As you may know I have been shifting things around in store so that the one half is dedicated to my packing, processing, guitars for setups, website updates and general work in progress enabling the main front room to be my showcase for the guitars I recommend.   You could say one say the main front room is now "showroom/retail" and the office area is now "online"!

I have realised I can fit at least an extra 100 guitars in the room with some thought put in to it by making full use of the wall space.  Guitars look so much nice on the walls to - I hate having them around my feet.

~So, to get the ball rolling, in the past couple of weeks I have managed to get rid of all the cardboard that was stacked up in the front room and it has now been replaced with 35 new wall hangers.  The result is fantastic.  I just need to duplicate this idea now around the room and most guitars will be hung nicely on the walls rather than cluttering the floor space - however this will then give me room for displaying all the nice guitars as and when they turn up new or used.  IE room for some development!

Here are some pics of the once cardboard storage area!

[gallery link="file" columns="4"]

As always, I am getting there.  Slowly but surely!

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