G&L Tribute ASAT Special 3 Tone Sunburst

The G&L Tribute ASAT Special is one of the most wonderful guitars in the range.  The telecaster can sometimes be thought of as a little too bright and brittle in the treble side but the ASAT Specials pickups (I will refer to them as P90 pickups but I believe they would describe them differently - but I like to keep things simple!) have the most wonderful sweet tone  - just that litttle bit thicker than the single coil but without the RARRRRR!!!! of humbuckers!   Beautiful, restrained tone which I am a huge fan of.

As you will see from the couple of pictures here the quality is just second to none.  Some people are not aware that they are put together in the Cort factory (Cort produce a long list of guitars for brand names such as Ibanez, Fender, Schecter) - the hardware such as pickups and bridge are the very same you will find on the American made custom shop models which is what makes these guitars unbelievable value at just £539.

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