3/4 Size Guitar Recycling. Help me help the local guitar playing community!

Here is how the idea emerged...

The other day a couple came in wanting to know what I would pay them for a 1/2 size guitar.  I apologised and explained the guitar had no commercial value to me.  However, they then asked whether I could just find a good home for it - which I did just days later.  The chap who received the guitar was bowled over that I would offer him this guitar totally free of charge and was so grateful.

My concern about SELLING 1/2 size and 3/4 size guitars is that my business is based on my bespoke hand finishing of the guitars which of course I could not offer on a £30 guitar.  If I cannot offer any unique added value I would rather not be involved - the customer may as well buy the guitar from Argos and come back to me when they want something along the lines of the next step up.

But maybe now I have found a unique and positive angle?  With the support of the local community of course.

If you have a 1/2 or 3/4 or 4/4 classical that you maybe paid £40 or less from Argos etc., it's no longer used, sitting in a cupboard somewhere - then you could give that guitar a new lease of life in the hands of a new young starter - Via Richards Guitars.

My idea is that if I had a number of 1/2, 3/4 and 4/4 guitars donated from families who no longer require them, I can pass these guitars on to the people who do - FREE of charge.

It would work like this...

6 year old girl wants to start.  Parents pay a £20 deposit (to ensure the guitar doesn't dissapear out of the system (and to ensure I do not get a run of people abusing the offer and selling the guitars on!)

When the 6 year old girl is too big for the guitar she comes back and swaps it for a 3/4 size.

When she is too old for the 3/4 ... yes you guessed it, if I have one to hand she can swap it for the 4/4.

At any stage they can return the guitar and have the deposit back and I have their guitar to pass on to another young beginner.

If a parent were to spend £40 for a new guitar at each stage of development, this service would save them £120 in purchases.

I don't know how you feel about this but I believe in the current economic climate this would serve to be a wonderful service for the local community.  Even play groups or junior schools could borrow guitars if they need them for a school concert etc.

So, if you fancy putting your old unused classical guitar to good use, please do consider my new idea.

Its only about 15 minutes old so far so excuse me if I have overlooked some obvious reason why this could not work!!

I have always wanted to play a positive role in my local community so maybe this is it?

Hope you like the idea!!

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