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Left Handed Stonebridge Guitars

Now in posting this note I have to wonder whether A) you already know how wonderful Stonebridge guitars are or not  and B) you know my credentials not only as the leading Stonebridge specialist but also my reputation for sourcing only the nicest instruments available per price point (hence stocking Stonebridge!).

So with this in mind I will give you a very brief overview but for more details please do call me or speak to me on the live help facility.

Regarding Point A).  Stonebridge guitars are made in the Czech Republic and are quite simply World Class.   They are head and shoulders above some of the stereopype mass produced brands like Taylor and Martin yet the prices are if anything, cheaper!   If they cost TWICE the current prices they would still command a loyal following and would represent wonderful value.

As for Point B).  There is a wonderful story behind how I got involved with Stonebridge guitars but needless to say I have been selling these guitars longer than any other store in the UK, know the range like the back of my hand, have a first class relationship with the UK supplier who I liase with almost daily - backed up my quality control and setup service which is second to none.

If you buy a guitar from myself you are assured of 100% peace of mind that the guitar will look, feel and play to the highest standards possible.

Now then - to the point about left handed Stonebridge guitars for sale at Richards Guitars!!

I have worked very hard to get the UK supplier to import the FULL range of Stonebridge guitars.  Regretably, truth be told, when they did get a good number in to the UK they had to sit on them for way too long, especially in relation to the speed in which right handed models sell.  I am totally sure that this problem arose merely because it is so hard for left handed guitarists to know about Stonebridge and then to understand that EVERY Stonebridge guitar produced is available left handed at NO extra charge.

On average, the maximum waiting time to have the guitar produced and into the UK is 12 weeks. 

So even if stock is not available in left handed form (which is often the case although I do try and carry a couple of examples in stock anyway), you can at least visit my store, look at the right handed models and get an idea of the workmanship and tonal qualities before ordering one in.

If you are too far away to try one out, for example if you are one of my European visitors (or Internation for that matter - I have sold a number of Stonebridge guitars to America, Sweden, Australia and even Indonesia!) then you can be assured that you can place an order with me online knowing I will not let you down, the guitar will be perfect and you can speak with me most hours via the live help facility here at my website.

Well - I hope this information is of use.  If you are a left handed acoustic guitar player and you have not experienced Stonebridge you are missing out on a whole new World of tone and feel.  PLEASE try one at your earliest convenience.

For some more details on Stonebridge visit either the factory website (Furch - same product but different branding for the Czech Republic) http://www.furch.cz or read some of my own views at my catalogue  http://www.richardsguitars.co.uk/acatalog/Stonebridge_Guitars.html

Prices start from £600 through to around £1500 for most models.  Incredible.

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