Left Handed G&L Tribute Guitars (ASAT & Legacy)

Left Handed G&L Tribute ASAT  & Legacy Guitars

Well as part of my renewed focus on all things left handed (well left handed guitars at least!) I checked my catalogue for the left handed ASAT and Legacy guitars, only to find.... no sign!  I can only apologise - This however is now remedied of course.  As you may know I am putting together a list of my personally recommended left handed guitars here.

The G&L Tribute Legacy is the benchmark guitar for anyone wanting the strat tone on a budget of around £500. 

The nearest thing Fender produce at this price point is the Fender Mexican Standard Stratocaster - which PALES into insignificance if you do an A/B test.  The Mexican made standard is purile / sterile both tonally, visually and in terms of feel.   The G&L however gives you an ash body, hand wound custom pickups - the EXACT same pickups you get on their £1500 American produced guitars and stunning quality bridge/tremolo designed by Leo Fender.   

Unlike Fender who stick on sterile, unbranded pickups - they do this so that potential Fender buyers can see the point in upgrading - they don't want the £400 to be "too good" or why upgrade?

With the G&L Tribute series Legacy and ASAT models you are getting the very best money can buy at the price - it NEEDS to be because it doesn't have Fender written on the headstock which Fender know will sell their guitar 100-1 regardless of whether it is the best or not.  I however am appealing to the 1 out of the 100 that wants the best guitar for the money - and not the badge.

Lets not forget who created the the Fender & G&L.  Leo Fender.  Leo Fender died producing G&L guitars, long after he sold the Fender brand on to CBS who then dragged the name through the mud when profit took over from quality. 

 To this day I see Fender guitars as totally fine instruments in their own right, built to a price, but if you gave me a choice of a Fender or a G&L as an instrument - I would chose G&L every time.  American Standard Stratocaster at over £1000 or G&L Tribute for half the price?  I know which I would take.

Buy Left Handed G&L Legacy £469

[caption id="attachment_868" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Left Handed G&L Tribute Legacy 3 Tone Sunburst w' Rosewood Neck"][/caption]

Buy Left Handed G&L Tribute ASAT £519

[caption id="attachment_869" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Left Handed G&L Tribute ASAT Classic Natural w' Maple Neck"][/caption]

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