Cort Earth 200. My most highly recommended mid range acoustic for 16 years.

Cort Earth 200

Its hard to believe that I started selling guitars 16 years ago and who would have known the impact the Cort brand would have on my future business life.    Back then of course the brand name was Tanglewood.  Every quality acoustic guitar Cort produced for the UK market was branded Tanglewood at that time (Tanglewood have not been produced by Cort for  6 or 7 years now).  If you do some research you will find many reviews from players from years gone by.  Well to this day the Cort Earth 200  has barely changed - and why would it need to?  It was a benchmark then and still is to this day.  In fact, more so!  Many competing brands products have now increased in price many times over due to all the increases in costs associated with producing guitars.  Some how Cort have managed to soak up much of these costs making their guitars even more competitive than ever relative to the competition.

The Cort Earth 200 is built to an incredibly high standard and features both solid spruce top and solid mahogany back and sides.  Grover machine heads have always been standard on this model and nothing has changed there either.

The Earth 200 is now available in natural and a lovely tobacoo sunburst - personally I still love the natural satin finish but thats just me!

As always playability is assured due to our meticulous quality control and we can set the guitar up literally to any specification that you so desire.  We will smooth off the fret ends as standard turning a qaulity mass produced guitar into something truly hand finished.

If you are looking for the ultimate affordable mid range acoustic guitar, ideal for strummers and singer songwriters alike the Cort Earth 200 is a no brainer.

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Buy Cort Earth 200 Online at £315 *

Price includes meticulous quality control and personalised setup bespoke to your requirements.

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