Setting Up a Solid Body Electric Pre Sale With Trem (Free Service On All Guitars Sold)

As always it is really important to stress that I am not the technician and in writing up any kind of overview of what goes on in the workshop is dependant on my own  personal knowledge (memory) of their work and my 16 years being around the workshop looking on with interest.   In other words, don't pick holes in my descriptions!! lol

Every single guitar will have its own individual needs and requirements depending on what comes out the box and what the player requires in terms of setup.

The following guitar happens to be a Godin XTSA which is a regular visitor to our workshop due to my specialist knowledge of Godin guitars which I send all around the World.

The illustrations are not necessarily in the order in which they are done but are representative of the various measurements, modifications and adjustments that are required to make the instrument play to its best.

Click on the first image to watch the gallery, bypassing the text.

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So there you go - thats an overview at a glance.  Each guitar will take the technician around 2 hours to complete.  I believe this level of detail is unique to my business, certainly when you combine this with my live help facility providing backup and support most hours.

If you are looking to buy a guitar that I sell, I would hate for you to consider buying it anywhere else -  The setups on the guitars I sell are at the heart of the service I offer and backed up by my own diligent approach to pre and post sale service.

I hope this pictorial tour has helped you understand a little more about the work that goes into an electric guitar pre sale, new or used.

Delivery available Worldwide with most European destinations at just £15.

For more details call me on 01789 26 33 33.

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