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More and more of you are finding for used guitars for sale!  For the first time, was listed #1 on Google for searching "used guitars for sale" which is fantastic.  Who knows how long it will remain there but most importantly it shows that Google understands the relevance of for finding used guitars for sale - which is great!

Please continue to help spread the word for this FREE service by telling anyone you know who plays guitar.  The more people who know about it the less reliant we all are on Auction sites which remove real human contact, are expensive and make it difficult to realise a true market value (Auction value and market value are not always the same I assure you - great if you want a quick sale at any price but not so good for those of us that just want to find the fair price for beloved guitars).

As of today we have 934 people following on Twitter, all of whom are interested in used guitars for sale.  Twitter followers get to hear about the used guitars for sale before anyone else, giving them first bit of the cherry every time.

So here are the used guitars for sale links...

Used Electric Guitars For Sale

Used Acoustic Guitars For Sale

Used Left Handed Guitars For Sale

Used Bass Guitars For Sale

Used Classical Guitars For Sale

One quick word about guitar dealer apethy.  All I hear about when I speak to credit controllers at UK suppliers is how the overwelming majority are struggling in the current economic climate.  Dealers who have never been in 120 days over due are now finding themselves in this exact position.

So I found it interesting that when industry magazine MI-PRO helped spread the word of our FREE Classified adverts site to all music dealers in the UK that just TWO dealers felt the site was worth listing some guitars on.

For many years I have been dumb struck by the total apethy and short sited nature of the industry I work in.  It seems that Joe Bloggs wanting to sell his strat understands the value of a FREE advert yet commercial businesses who rely on the sale of guitars to pay their bills cannot. 

Oh well.... To any guitar dealers out there, the door is open to any of you who see the value in working with to promote your business... but I won't hold my breath!

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