Lazy Advertisers read this!!!

Is it just me or do some people just not deserve to sell their guitars?

I cannot stand adverts like this one...

I can guarantee I am not the only person who would think twice about buying a guitar off a person who cannot even be bothered to put capital letters in their advert, let alone an image of the guitar.

Why do some people do this?  You want to sell your guitar so give people confidence that your word can be trusted.  3 sentances just isn't good enough (capitals at the start of the sentance would be nice too?).

Age, condition, specific marks that the buyer should be aware of, playability - all these are important so express them in your advert.

My adverts on are free so I just cannot go around tidying peoples adverts up all the time but frankly this is so obvious I shouldn't have to spoon feed people with this information.

I might just start deleting adverts that have no punctuation?