Welcome Breedlove Guitars! How About This For Starters? Passport C250/CM @ £499!

Breedlove C250/CM £499

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The Breedlove C250/CM is the first guitar for me to present to you for 2012. 

Many guitar brands have their "pitch" - all the waffle that is designed to convince you that these are the ones which stand head and shoulder above the others.  Well Breedlove is no different and their "pitch" DOES sound pretty impressive.  However, as always I totally ignore all this because as far as I am concerned I just want to know whether it brings something new to my collection of recommendations.  If the answer is yes, then its in!

So what makes the C250 so special to me?

For a start is has more than a passing resemblence to my babies from Stonebridge (Check out the Durango series) visually with its satin solid cedar top and mahogany back and sides.  I just love this look but it can only be achieved if the finishing is excellent which it really is on these.  So far I have had a couple of this model in for sale (sold the first model within minutes of opening it from the box!) and they were both extraordinarily high quality.  The primary difference of course being A) The on board electronic tuner with backlit display.  This sounds stunning and I am led to believe that this is an LR Baggs system branded for Breedlove and B) The incredibly price of just £499 for an electro where as the Stonebridge models are £650 without electronics.

Historically £499 has been an awkward price for me with electro acoustics - it is the higher end of Cort production yet Faith start at £600 and Stonebridge start from £600 without a pickup!  Breedlove have finally bridged this gap in the most wonderful way - finally I have the brand that provides me with an electro acoustic that I can be proud to demonstrate.

This isn't the only electro they do at £499 and soon I will be bringing you pics of the wonderful OM/MME - another stunner at £500 but thats for next week maybe!

The C250CM comes with a quality gig bag too which is always nice at this price and of course I have to remind you that when you buy from me you receive a personalised setup taylored to your playing style and quality control second to none. 

I can assure you of a perfect instrument in every way.

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