Customer Testimonial: Faith Saturn L/H (York, UK)


My Faith Saturn left handed guitar arrived safe and sound on Thursday afternoon and it’s a stunning looking guitar. I have been practicing every day which means I am typing this message with my toes, as the fingers on my right hand are so sore, but I guess that will pass with time.I’d just like to thank you once again for your professionalism, patience (three hours goes above and beyond the call of duty) and enthusiasm, along with the sound, sensible advice that you showed me on my visit to your shop. My two hour plus journey from York was certainly not a wasted journey, as I came away feeling that rather than you just wanting to ‘sell a guitar’ it was more important to you, that you helped me choose a guitar that was ‘right for me’.I would say to anyone who has seen your website and is considering buying a guitar from you as I did, that the passion and honest ethics that you promote are not a sales gimmick, but real. Thanks again.


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