Quality Used Guitars & Guitar Workshop Update

The great news is that 2011 saw overall turnover rising by over 20%  on the previous year.  This is a fantastic sign in a shrinking economy of course.  A focal point for me has been our quality used guitars, each one as you may know is setup to perfection, with the end users specific playing requirements in mind - a truly bespoke service.

So whilst I am really proud of the growth in the business as a whole and the expansion of my quality used guitars service, this all requires one specific resource - guitar technical services.  IE The guitar workshop!

I know my customers are happy to wait a few days for their guitar to make its way through the workshop and I know how much they appreciate the final result - however, I have noticed more and more often that a specific guitar that I want to promote cannot be photographed yet because I want to show it in its full glory POST setup, not how it has arrived in!  When the workshop is so fully allocated to sales and private customers misc. jobs then my own guitars for promotion have to wait.

Sooo.....  I have to balance the benefits of having an active workshop with the negatives of the potential business that could be generated if I could get my used guitars for sale listed all the more quickly!  Tricky!

Another outcome which I REALLY do not want to occur is to have a showroom with a growing number of guitars that LOOK second hand.  I take great pride in the fact that if you come to my showroom you would never know the difference between a used and a new guitar - its a wonderful sight to see when you tell someone "oh yes, thats £200 off retail price because it is in fact used!" .  "WHAT! - REALLY?!" is the normal response!!  On a personal level this aspect of my business is incredibly important - the difference factor!

So I hope this all giving you a sense of why I have decided to make the following decision...

Workshop Services Now Offered

Full Setup including strings  (£55)

String Change including pre-tensioning (£15 + Strings)

Pickup Replacement (£20 then £10 each subsequent pickup)

Other work carried out at my discretion dependent on resources available.

There are two technicians who I know of:

http://www.abguitartech.co.uk (Stratford)

http://www.guitartechnicalservices (Warwick)

Both of whom provide guitar repair services who can help I am sure.

My focus is of course to provide a dedicated & truly bespoke World Wide specialist service in the provision of the finest playing guitars and so anyone who wishes to purchase a guitar from me will appreciate the need to focus on this area of my business, rather than building the workshop services side which I fear could become a distraction from my my own personal objectives.

More News...

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