Richards Guitars Customer Testimonial: Faith Venus Hi Gloss (UK)

I recently received a Faith Neptune Hi Gloss electro-acoustic from Richard’s guitars, and let me first say the guitar is a knockout. It sounds so full and balanced and at least as nice as my friend’s much more expensive Avalon acoustic. The woods on this guitar are amazing.

Richard was a pleasure to deal with. He was always available to talk to via instant messaging on the website (great touch) and was extremely helpful the whole time. I don’t have a problem buying things over the internet as long as I can have decent communication with the seller. My experience buying a guitar from Richard far surpassed that. With all his questions about how I’d like the guitar set-up and the status of the order etc he was always very polite. That’s something you don’t often find in guitar shops, being polite costs nothing but gains you a lot. The buying experience felt like I was getting a custom guitar, made specially for me.

I played my first gig with the guitar the other day and it sounded superb. So Richard’s methods of weeding out bad guitars worked for me.

If you’re nervous about buying a guitar without having tried it, save yourself the disappointment and buy it from Richard’s guitars!!


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