Richards Guitars Customer Testimonial: Godin Icon Convertible (France)

Well, this will be a long one: 1) An “easy” case: I am located in France, a “first time” customer and looking for a guitar which was not even available yet in Europe (Godin Icon Converible). 2) Had a chat with Richard back in January (on Sunday afternoon!!!), went with him through all the details and decided to place an order. Wanted to pay, Richard refused to take any money until he had a firm delivery date (sounds obvious but never experienced this before with a web-based retailer)… 3) A long waiting period…Richard kept me constantly updated about the progress, we even had a 3-way conversations with Godin’s distributor (thanks Ben!...). Again, Richard was available for a call or chat roughly at any time… 4) Finally, Godin delivered the guitar in March, 24h for a set-up and 48h later I had this beauty in my hands. The set-up was fantastic, very low action, no buzz and perfect intonation. 5) Everything was perfect but…no sound with the HDR (Godin’s active revoicer) switched on… Called Richard, sent a couple of pictures of the electronics (one never knows) but already feared the repairs… Richard’s feedback (I didn’t change a word): “You were so patient, I’ll send you RIGHT NOW a new guitar carefully tested (as the first one by the way), it will be with you in 48h, I’ll arrange for the previous guitar to be picked up, all the delivery charges are on me”. 6) Second guitar received 2 days later, same beauty, same flawless set-up…but same HDR problem…huuumm, sounds like the problem might be on my side???!!! Quick chat with Richard and he found the solution: wrong stereo cable. Changed the cable and everything is perfect! And you won’t believe it, Richard proposed to take all the extra delivery costs!!! Well, I won’t accept as this wouldn’t be fair at all (from the very beginning the problem was on my side) but I was quite impressed by Richard’s attitude… 7) Last but not least, the guitar is a beast! Bottom line, thanks Richard for being honest, straightforward and customer friendly! It’s such a pleasure to deal with a passionate professional, not with a Guitar Center or a Denmark Street shop… Kind regards, Victor

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