Shadow HEX Pickup Overview & Review (As Found on Faith Eclipse & HEX Model Electros)

Shadow SH 4020 - A Preamp with Nanoflex 6 Pickup and PAN control

Any guitarist who’s ever plugged an acoustic guitar into an amp or PA system knows the problem: certain strings are always play louder than others.  You can never take for granted evenly balanced strings.

Shadow has now solved the problem that has baffled both guitarists and sound technicians for generations. The Nanoflex-6 combines six different pickups – one for each string – into a single unit!

Nanoflex-6: One adjustable pickup for every string

It combines six pickups into a single unit and allocates to each and every string its own customizable pickup. Its six gain potentiometers enable perfect coordination of strings . . . adjustable to whatever amount you desire. It is now easier than ever before for acoustic and classical guitarists around the world to control individual string volume.

Panorama Control: The 3rd Sound Dimension

Open the window to a new dimension in sound.

The far left position brings out the familiar-sounding mono-signal. Turning the knob to the right splits the strings smoothly into panoramic sound. 

This brings about a tonal depth that up until now did not exist. Moreover, adding chorus, delay, etc. to just the high strings creates a sound image that feels both voluminous and completely natural to the ear!

Separation of the strings in maximum position of PAN control:

- low E-string sounds 100% on the left speaker

- A-string sounds 75% on the left speaker (25% right)

- D- and G-strings sound 50% on the left and right speaker 

- B-string sounds 25% on the left speaker (75% right)

- high e-string sounds 100% on the right speaker.

Now you are able to put reverb on the treble strings without adding it on the bass strings.

For this unique sound, no complicated audio system is required. Simply connect your guitar by way of a standard Y cable to the mixing board, adjust the panorama to the right and left – and already you’ve entered a whole new world of stereo sound.

Fingerpickers: Incredible advantages

Fingerpickers, especially, know all too well that the thumb often strikes more heavily on the bass strings than the ring and pinky fingers do on the higher strings. Accordingly, the bass strings have a tendency to dominate the sound as a whole, thereby keeping melody subordinate. Here, too, the SH 4020 offers a remedy: with one simple motion, the volume of the bass strings is reduced, causing a balanced acoustic soundscape to emerge from the speakers.

The effective three-band equalizer (bass, mids, treble) optimally adjusts the sound to your own personal preferences.

The automatic chromatic tuning device ensures that the guitar is always precisely tuned.  It operates accurately, responds quickly and is absolutely reliable.

The phase switch eliminates all unwanted noise resulting from feedback.

In addition to all these advantages, well-known Nanoflex pickup quality is provided also for a totally buzz-free, natural sound. Nanoflex pickups simultaneously respond both to string vibration AND to the vibration of the instrument’s body, so the entire character of the instrument comes through.

  • Onboard Preamp with Nanoflex 6 pickup
  • One pickup for every string
  • Individually gain control for each string
  • Panorama control
  • Master volume and 3-band EQ control
  • Automatic chromatic tuner
  • Phase invert switch
  • High-quality output connection (stereo)
  • Outer bezel dimensions: 92mm x 55mm (3.62" x 2.17")
  • Cutout

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