Richards Guitars Customer Testimonial: Faith FECV

Hi Richard
I just wanted to confirm delivery today of my Faith Venus Eclipse guitar.
First of all, a big thank you for getting the guitar to me so promptly. I did say not to bother rushing and next week would be fine but you have obviously made the effort to get it to me today and it is very much appreciated.
I also wanted to tell you how impressed I was with the condition of the case and guitar itself, not a tiny mark on either and not one single finger mark on the lovely polished finish of the guitar. And a lovely black case that complements the guitar so well instead of the brown one that I was expecting!
Because I have a lot going on today I have only had time to have a few minutes play so far and only acoustically at that. First impressions are that it is everything that I ever wanted in this sort of guitar and I am hugely impressed with the playability, feel, sound and construction of it. I am so glad that I found your site and was able to chat to you personally about the guitar, firstly on 'live chat' and then by telephone, which made making my choice very easy, all of which without any 'sales speak' which I hate!
I'll let you know later how I get on with it after more playing and using it amplified but, in the meantime, thank you for an exemplary service. I will certainly recommend you to anyone I know looking for a new guitar!
Kind regards

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