Faith Naked. Faith Venus Naked, Faith Neptune Naked & Faith Mercury Naked!

New range designed to offer the very essence of Faith guitars, but at more affordable prices.

Faith Guitars  has released its new Naked range of acoustics.

The stripped-back instruments are designed to offer the very essence of Faith guitars, but at more affordable prices. However, these are not simply 'cheap' Faiths, as brand manager Alex Mew explains:

“The simple vision behind the Naked series was to make Faith guitars accessible to more people, yet without compromising what a Faith guitar is at its core; namely a handcrafted, all-solid, incredibly resonant acoustic instrument. So, with this in mind, Patrick James Eggle and our team set about stripping back each guitar to its core ingredients, taking out cost where we could, but all the while focussing on the integrity of the instrument’s performance. So, the final result is an instrument that delivers the performance and tone that players expect from a Faith guitar, but with unnecessary cosmetics and adornments removed.

“Further to this, each Naked instrument is handcrafted in the same Indonesian workshops that make the regular Natural, HiGloss, Trembesi and Eclipse models. It would have been easy to find production in China like so many others, but once again, we have ensured the integrity of the brand is retained by having the same luthiers building all levels of Faith model.”
Each Naked instrument consists of a solid Engelmann spruce top and solid mahogany back and sides; a two-stage satin finish; a rosewood fingerboard, bridge and headplate; chrome plated machine heads; and a 2mm abalone soundhole rosette. The Electro Cutaway FKV Venus model will feature the same Shadow Performer Tuner preamp and Nanoflex pickup found on the regular models.

The new guitars will arrive in late summer 2012 as three different models: the Venus (£429), Neptune Baby Jumbo (£399) and Mercury Parlour (£389).

I am adding the guitars to the catalogue as we speak and will bring you some pictures as soon as possible.

I personally visited Faith Guitars in the UK earlier this year and witnessed the final prototypes (I had to swear to secrecy not to let the cat out the bag!!) and they were gorgeous.  Stunning - so cannot wait for them to be available for someone looking for Faith quality on a tighter budget.

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