Update on Richards Guitars Website


Just to let you know the latest on the website front!

Thankfully I have been kept really busy throughout 2012 - I have been blessed with the appreciation of customers who value the work I do so - thank you as always.

I have however been so frustrated with trying to tie together all the aspects of my online presence and finally feel like I may be getting somewhere.

The first signs you will see is my "blog" pages which I have not been updating as much as I should (because I am frustrated how to get people to it!) have changed format and will continue to do so until I am happy.  This then SHOULD become the basis of my homepage which will link into the catalogue pages.

The benefit to you is the ability to find all my new images, reviews, latest products from the home page rather than having to "delve" and find it.

Anyway.... I will keep working on it between customers!  In the mean time sorry if it looks a bit odd!