World Wide Delivery - Service You Wish You Could Find Locally

World Wide Personal Service - Service You Wish You Could Find Locally

I (Richard) provide a totally unique approach to guitar retailing - a totally bespoke & personalised service so rarely found in guitar retail - In any Country!

Every brand I recommend is based on 17 years research in the Industry (have sold MOST brands over the years) and a lifetime of experience (began playing at 8 years old). I dedicate my time purely to guitars I personally believe in and know these products with a level of expertise few can match.

In the past few years I have totally restructured my business (and life!) to ensure I can remain true to the products I believe in, limiting the brands I sell so that I can continue to offer a truly personal service around the clock - dealing with every email, phone call, live chat and in store enquiry in person. I used to sell 8-10 guitars a day (I kid you not!) - these days I may average 2 a day but I can enjoy every conversation the way someone who is passionate about what they do should be able to.

I spend my days talking about wonderful guiitars that represent me and my own experiences and when you love you work as much as I do it motivates you to be better and better what you do.

Below I will give you some important details, links and information that should give you the confidence to take your enquiry further - wherever you are in the World.

Chat To Me Online Now

I am available to chat to most hours of the day (UK time!). You can do this by either clicking on the inviitation that sometimes appears on the screen floating over the text OR by clicking on the chat button in the bottom right hand corner of all pages of the site.

It IS me! There is only one me and I promise you I do not employ anyone to monitor this. This is the unique nature of my service - It will always be me you are chatting to I promise!

I am generally available from around 10am-Late at night. I may log off at lunch time (1-2pm) and also when I am out of course... and SLEEPING!

To help you get a sense of whether I am likely to be about now here is the time in the UK

<<span>Time in United Kingdom - 15:34:13 - Friday, November 2, 2012

I look forward to helping you further!

[caption id="attachment_1085" align="aligncenter" width="160"] Personally selected, hand finished guitars setup to perfection with the back up from Richard almost 24/7 via live help.[/caption]

Subsidised Carriage ChargesI try and provide my service at the lowest possible prices. Bare in mind that each guitar undergoes a meticulous quality control and personalised setup bespoke to your playing style. The setup alone is WORTH £55! And comes FREE with the delivery (See links on right hand side of site for details on setups and quality contol).

Delivery charge examples include:

Europe £15 anywhere in Western Europe

America, Russia, Japan, China, Russia £50

Australlia £75

Don't Let Language Be A Barrier - I Won't!If you are reading this you either speak English OR are using Google Translate to help translate the pages for you.

My live help facility is available most hours that I am awake and if you feel uncomfortable typing in English - don't! I will use Google Translate my side and translate your text and also convert mine to your language before hitting the reply button.

I wish I could be multi lingual but in this day and age we don't have to be so please do feel free to speak in your native language if it helps you.

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