Godin Montreal. An exquisite semi or stunning electro?

The Godin Montreal has to be one of the most under profiled guitars in the World today.  How can a guitar of such immense beauty both tonally and visually be so overlooked by the mass of so called "guitar specialist stores" today?

I can tell you why - It doesn't have Gibson or Fender on the headstock.

Well, if you can overlook the fact that this is NOT a guitar sold on brand image but an instrument built to the highest of standards offering World Class electric and acoustic tones, then you may still be interested in giving one of these a test drive.

If you have heard of the Taylor T5 or have even considered buying one... you won't once you have played this.

I could waffle on and on about the quality, the feel, the visuals, the immense range of tonal variations and combinations of acoustic, electric or both at the same time but instead I will just say to you, either A) Trust me if you are thinking of buying online - If the guitar doesn't live up to my hype  (I would call it enthusiasm!), call me and tell me and of course I would refund you immediately but alternatively get yourself over here and take it for a test drive.  Make sure you let me know in advance so I can get the guitar setup in the workshop and plugged in ready for your visit.

In the mean time enjoy this gallery I have put together in the hope that some of the visual quality and beauty will be conveyed (its so hard to do it justice - it is so gorgeous in real life).

CLICK HERE  to visit the Godin Montreal in my catalogue

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