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November 10, 2012

Fender 1979 25th Anniversary Stratocaster £1999

This 1979 Fender Stratocaster is the 25th Anniversary edition.

Condition is 100% A1+++ Incredible!

What is more remarkable is the guitar comes with every conveivable accessory which I have shown you in the picture too.

Best bet is to watch the video I have found shown above - It says it all!!

If you want a true collectors item or a real workhorse stratocaster to play and enjoy - this is the one for you!

Click Here to view in the catalogue


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October 28, 2011

Used Guitars For Sale at

More and more of you are finding for used guitars for sale!  For the first time, was listed #1 on Google for searching "used guitars for sale" which is fantastic.  Who knows how long it will remain there but most importantly it shows that Google understands the relevance of for finding used guitars for sale - which is great!

Please continue to help spread the word for this FREE service by telling anyone you know who plays guitar.  The more people who know about it the less reliant we all are on Auction sites which remove real human contact, are expensive and make it difficult to realise a true market value (Auction value and market value are not always the same I assure you - great if you want a quick sale at any price but not so good for those of us that just want to find the fair price for beloved guitars).

As of today we have 934 people following on Twitter, all of whom are interested in used guitars for sale.  Twitter followers get to hear about the used guitars for sale before anyone else, giving them first bit of the cherry every time.

So here are the used guitars for sale links...

Used Electric Guitars For Sale

Used Acoustic Guitars For Sale

Used Left Handed Guitars For Sale

Used Bass Guitars For Sale

Used Classical Guitars For Sale

One quick word about guitar dealer apethy.  All I hear about when I speak to credit controllers at UK suppliers is how the overwelming majority are struggling in the current economic climate.  Dealers who have never been in 120 days over due are now finding themselves in this exact position.

So I found it interesting that when industry magazine MI-PRO helped spread the word of our FREE Classified adverts site to all music dealers in the UK that just TWO dealers felt the site was worth listing some guitars on.

For many years I have been dumb struck by the total apethy and short sited nature of the industry I work in.  It seems that Joe Bloggs wanting to sell his strat understands the value of a FREE advert yet commercial businesses who rely on the sale of guitars to pay their bills cannot. 

Oh well.... To any guitar dealers out there, the door is open to any of you who see the value in working with to promote your business... but I won't hold my breath!

September 08, 2011

Used Guitars For Sale. FREE Guitar Adverts

Just to let you know that you can now list your used guitars for sale - totally FREE of charge, via my guitar classifieds pages at

Click on the link below to get your guitar listed for free right away.

Used Guitar For Sale

Your FREE Guitar Advert can include:

As much detail as you need

URL for more information or Ebay listing if you have one

Up to 8 images

Cool eh?

July 29, 2011

Kramer Condor. One for the metal fans at just £250

I THINK this is a Kramer Condor.  Frankly I am at a loss as how to progress trying to identify it further but maybe someone out there can help?

Anyway, it is available for a mere snip at £250 including a factory fitted hardcase.  I have priced it purely on the basis of some of the cheapo models they do now without a case are over £200 let alone one with this custom graphic, 3 pickups, fitted hardcase and Gotoh machine heads.  This is no doubt a quality bit of kit if you want something that rocks!

You may also have a collectors item as Kramer guitars are certainly an appreciating asset.

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BUY NOW or for further details call Richard on 01789 26 33 33

June 28, 2011

Used Fender Guitars

[caption id="attachment_688" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Used Fender Guitars are always coming and going - Call Richard on 0179 26 33 33 for details"]Used Fender Guitars For Sale[/caption]

Used Fender guitars have a particular place in my heart.  This may come as a surprise to many people who have followed me over the years but it shouldn't - and here is why...

My issue with Fender Guitars was never that they are "bad" guitars or poor instruments in any way at all but the way in which they are force fed into the market is embarrasing for any ambassador for the brand.  The constant new variations on a theme.  The Tele and Strat are obviously classics but poor old Fender have the job of re-inventing the wheel every month it seems.  This is what drove me to depression - even though we were buying in excess of £20,000 of guitars every month. 

Selling NEW Fender Guitars destroyed my passion for the guitars.

SO - Here we are at Richards Guitars with my focus as always on providing the very best value and the most beautifully playable guitars money can buy.  What better environment could you have for buying a used Fender Guitar?  Every used Fender guitar is reconditioned in our workshop and setup specifically to the buyers bespoke requirements.

Benefits of buying a Used Fender guitar

# Cut out the losses you inevitably suffer when you buy a new one.  A used Fender guitar from Richards Guitars will hold its value and in the long term you may even find it appreciates.

# It will play BETTER than new.  As someone who knows how a guitar plays straight from the box I can say with total certainty a used Fender guitar from Richards Guitars will play much nicer than a new one bought from some online box shifter

# Its GREEN!!!  When you buy a used Fender guitar you are recycling.  This is fantastic for the environment (I kid you not).  No extra transportation & production waste.  Recylcing guitars is every bit as important as recycling your waste at home!

# On a personal level there is one impotant plus - I am not funding Fenders BS marketing campaigns!!!  It makes me sick to see Fender Monthly (sorry - I meant to say Guitarist magazine) promoting the endless re-incarnations, pushing out any profile for incredibly good guitar brands that never get a look in.  The used Fender Guitars I sell are awesome value, beautifully setup instruments - end of story. 

# When you buy a used Fender Guitar from Richards Guitars you will not be drawn into the marketing I mentioned in the previous point.  Chat to me and I will tell you the pros and cons of whatever used Fender guitar I have for sale at the time.  I will help you make comparisons with other favourable instruments like my beautiful G&L Tribute guitars etc.  No BS - just an honest, professional view from someone who has an extremely in depth knowledge of Fender guitars.

Hope to see you soon!

May 23, 2011

NEW SERVICE. Used Guitar APPRAISAL Service (Includes FREE Advert on

I am really excited about this new service which has evolved from my experiences running Richards Guitars and

Imagine the scene...

You have a guitar for sale and a potential customer on the phone.  They want peace of mind that what you are saying is fact!

Wouldn't it be nice if you could show them feedback such as this to give them peace of mind?

Imagine if you had 16 years of trusted service in the Industry to give your potential buyer confidence.  Well this is where I come in!

My reputation for honesty and transparency when it comes to advice on guitars is without question and this can now help you with your private sale.

You may not wish to give away  a commission by having me sell the guitar for you but you may want to benefit from my personal appraisal on your guitar - an appraisal that you can forward to any potential buyer to give them complete confidence in you and the guitar you have for sale.

It works like this:

You bring in your guitar and I give the guitar a remedial overview - nothing too heavy I promise - but enough to ensure the guitar performs as it should, checking the general condition,playability etc.  I will then list your guitar for sale in my new section of my site "Private Sales  - Appraised by Richard"

My personal views on your guitar will be available on the site for either you or a potential customer to reference.

You will also receive a complimentary advert on which I will create while you wait, linking your appraisal at Richards Guitars to it.

The fee for this service?  Just £20

I do hope you like the idea!

April 10, 2011

Used Guitars For Sale @ Richards Guitars, Stratford Upon Avon

It seems the 16 years I have been building my reputation for selling only the very best playing guitars (every guitar we sell is meticulously set up and quality controlled pre sale) has enabled me to rapidly build a niche for promoting used guitars for sale.

The combination of my new higher profile location in Stratford Upon Avon, high profile web presence (see and first class workshop facilities has enabled me to become a hub for the trading of pre owned guitars.

When buying a used guitar from Richards Guitars you win on every level...

* You get the guitar cheaper than you ever could if buying new - even from a faceless box shifter which lets face it most of the lowest prices are!

* You don't lose any money if you decide to sell the guitar on at a later date

* You get the benefit of the guitar being set up to your personal specification which you certainly rarely do on even new guitar sales

* You are also doing your bit for the planet!  Yep - recycling is GREEN! 

A used guitar bought from Richards Guitars have been completely refurbished, quality controlled and setup so you are assured of the finest used guitar money can buy.

If you would like advice on selling your guitar, please contact me on 01789 26 33 33 and I will be happy to advise on the best option which may be a direct purchase, me selling your guitar for you or advice on placing an advert on my site

Regardless of whether you are looking to buy or sell a guitar I can certainly help advise on the best dirction to take.

For the latest used guitars in stock visit

or follow my Twitter at classifieds for my sales and my fellow private advertisers.

Hope to speak to you soon!

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