What Has Russell Brand Got To Do With Guitars?

If you have not watched Russell Brands YouTube channel "Trews News" it may be because you are a victim of another post I have discussed "Theoretical Vs Practical Reality" whereby you think you know something (theoretical) and this knowledge that you believe you know prevents you from developing your understanding in "practice".  In other words you may think Russell Brand is just an annoying comedian who has nothing to contribute to your wider understanding of the World.  Oh my you would be so wrong!

Please do me a favor and watch just todays video - they come out daily following news events.

His views are fresh and untainted by media and government propaganda - you will find a very different World than what you have painted for you by the mainstream....

Well I suppose it is a great example of theoretical vs practical reality!  In theory our news is there to provide a balanced representation of World Events but in truth it is engineered to ensure our thoughts and beliefs fit a wider agenda that we rarely know about.

What Russell is doing on a daily basis is very similar (but so much more important) to what I see and have to deal with in my industry.

Please continue to question everything you read, everything you watch - whether its World News, Guitar Press, Online Media or your local friendly guitar retailer.


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