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 As you may or may not know in my eternal search for perfectionism and control in my life i have suffered varying levels of "nervous energy", anxiety and depression.  Over the years I have come to realise it generally goes with the territory with a person who is "driven" in some way.

At the age of 35 I closed my former business Regent Guitars - the anxiety/pressure was just too overwelming as I tried to balance what I believed I wanted from my life with the reality of what was occuring.

I needed life balance.

5 years on and largely I have found this balance through a number of important changes to my life but without question the most overwelming benefit has come from the study of mindfulness

As a lifetime sufferer of anxiety from childhood and someone who believed I just had to "make do" with the genetical realities of life I feel I have a responsibility to share my feelings with anyone who wants to read this blog.  

I am hoping the blog will provide a number of benefits.

1) An insight into the workings of my business, along with the decisions & problems that are made or dealt with for better or for worse.

2) How a "mindful" approach towards reasoning with these "events" helps me reflect, remain balanced, appreciative and understanding of what has occurred but with a view to learning and developing from them - not the "historical" path of self deprivation!

3) Mindfulness relies on self reflection and writing the pages in this blog will certainly help me do this

4) Ultimately I am hoping the pages will help people who even have no interest in guitars, me or my business.  I hope that anyone who has suffered with anxiety on any level, depression or even someone who simply struggles to cope with daily chores or workload in the office can benefit from my updates.

OK - Please don't expect a weekly report or any kind of continuity whatsoever - there you go!  Mindfulness tip #1 - Don't put yourself under undue pressure just because of your own expectations.  I would LOVE to do a weekly report but I know realistically I have a very busy business and family pressures that will prevent it!

Thanks for listening and hope to bring you an update when the moment is right.

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