Dealing With Online Hate / Criticism

Well it happened again... bum... another sleepless night and concern over how I am perceived by the outside World.

I keep an eye on my stats as to where visitors come from and noticed an increase from the community.  Check it out - if you want a good forum (and you go in unknown) its a great place to talk about guitars.

Two seperate threads had linked to my shop.  One regarding the wonderful Maybach guitars - the other was regarding the wonderful developments in the world of Gordon Smith.

Within moments of my posting the same ol' people whose names I recognized (one or two who have also contributed  to another online hate site dressed up as a consumer reviews site) begin their digs.

As Kandee mentions in the video below - it doesn't matter how many positive comments you get - how many peoples lives you help in a positive way - ALL you can focus on when you have a sensitive disposition are the haters.

In my attempts to rationalize and explain my views I merely dig the hole bigger and bigger - the end result being a total melt down of any civilized conversation and complete loss of ability to discuss the topic I wanted to enjoy contributing to.  

In life there is always balance and if you are positively charged, negatively charged people will tend to remove your positive energy through their negativity.  This video helps me keep a hold of that energy for myself. 

With all that said, here is a BRILLIANT video for anyone who feels they suffer emotionally from the results of online bullying in any form.  Kandee is beautiful inside and out and a real positive inspiration (my kids love watching her make up videos which are amazing).  If you are feeling down you cannot help but be uplifted.

Also - if you are someone who is quick to speak negatively about people on forums without considering how it effects them personally it is probably MORE important that you watch the video too.  You may realize there is something missing in your life that causes you to be this way.




December 26, 2015

There are idiots on the Fretboard but lately, the ‘Mods’ have had a major crackdown on the sorts of behaviour you describe. I have noticed a different atmosphere since. Good luck mate.


December 21, 2015


I am a member of TheFretBoard website and I agree with everything that you say.

The problem with the site is that if your face doesn’t fit then the members have no time for you, no matter how good your shop is or how good your work on guitars or how good the effects you build are. There are a few British manufacturers who are the favorites over there.

For example, one manufacturer in particular, gets away with advertising and talking his own pedals in areas of the forum where other dealers get crucified for the same thing. I have nothing against this particular manufacturer, just making an observation.

There is a chap who sells guitar on eBay, guitars that he has modified himself. Things like putting in new pick ups, installing a new nut etc. His work is not great but he does his best and he sells his guitars and people seem to be happy.

This particular chap is the butt of jokes at The Fret Board, some of them quite abusive and highly insulting. He joined the forum and posted there and he was made fun of and he basically left the forum. Again, the moderators allowed this to happen and nothing was done to put a stop to it.

The mods allow members to troll and post abusive comments under the guise of free speech. Some members get away with more than others.

It really is a nasty forum with a strong undercurrent of hate and cynicism. Sadly it is the only British based guitar forum that is active. Most of the members there came from the old Music Radar forums and the moderation there wasn’t much better. On The Fret Board attitudes have evolved and the members have become more and more brazen and are getting away with more and more. They are being nasty just for the sake of being nasty,,,,even some of the moderators indulge in this behavior. I have seen moderators having meltdowns on the forum because of the behavior of the members, which is inappropriate for a mod…..these things should be dealt with in private in a civilized manner.

I would not recommend this forum to anyone looking to chat about gear. There are better, more friendly and better moderated forums out there and some good gear chat on Facebook.

Best wishes Richard.


December 15, 2015

In one ear out the other. I have known them all my life,. Idiots,


December 14, 2015

Do not ever let people on line get you down there are far to many keyboard warriors out there who take great pleasure in making other peoples lives a misery. I new you from way back and you made a great impression on me when we were kids to the extent I always wanted to find out where you were today. Its the people around you in the real world that matter not haters on line.

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