The Truth Behind The Truth

I popped into my newsagent this morning and it took a big dose of mindfulness to help me consider what I genuinely think is important to me this morning.

The main news spead across the papers front pages was this...

Of course we all want to believe we are in control of our own thoughts - that we make our own judgments on what is important or relevant in our lives but this front page "news" is actually a fantastic example of what I have been aware of in the guitar industry for nearly 2 decades.

What we are provided as "news" forms the fabric of our understanding of the World around us, whether it is World Events or the latest news about guitars.  

When in "auto pilot" which most of us tend to be these days, we take in the information, digest it at a rapid pace and like it or not that information has now helped shape your views in some way.  We rarely consider the reasons WHY the publications have chosen the specific storyline we are reading - and I am afraid it rarely represents your "best interests".

When I reflect on what I see in the news (in a moment of mindfulness) I see the real story is behind the headlines - The real story is WHY has this organization chosen this specific story as "most relevant"?

News is provided for so many reasons - whether they be political, social, economic, humour etc. but more often than not there is an agenda of somekind - an influence they want to make on your judgements, your thoughts, your decision making processes.

The mindful guitarist should always be alert to this!  Don't just take everything you read as "fact", consider it as "input" but input that you now need to digest, pull apart, dissect - call it what you want!!  Taking time to reflect on what you have read and the possible motives behind the information you have been provided - I believe - is imperative.

Regrettably, Nia (my daughter) is off sick today and is well enough to be badgering me - and my wife Teresa tells me if I don't go to the gym now I won't have time so how all this relates to guitars will have to wait!!

My next instalment will take it away from World Events (AKA Britains Got Talent) and show how the agendas that fuel news"relevancy" are the same whether it be World events, guitar publications or your local guitar shop ...

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