Video Demos

March 29, 2013


Cort Sunset 1 Video Demonstration By Martyn Hope from & Shakin Stevens

Martyn recently purchased the Cort Sunset 1 from Richards Guitars for touring with and may also be used on the odd Shaky live performance. 

Martyn has been really kind to send me this video of him putting it through its paces - its a fantastic demonstration of the power and versatility of this awesome guitar...

February 13, 2013


Meet John Smith & Linda of Gordon-Smith Guitars - A MUST SEE VIDEO

If you ever needed a reason to buy British, watch this video.

John represents everything that is wonderful about British guitar building - in fact for me it goes so far beyond the guitar industry - he is a quirky quintessentially British eccentric - in a World of his own (well with his wife Linda of course).

We are so lucky that we can continue to benefit from his World.

February 10, 2013


February 06, 2013


December 24, 2012


DBZ Imperial FM

The DBZ Imperial FM was a new find earlier in 2012 and wow am I glad I did come across it! Its just stunning and never fails to draw a smile to my customers faces - as it does mine. Check out more details and photos in my catalog In the mean time check out this video to get a sense of what the excitement is about... 

December 21, 2012


Cort AD Entry Level Acoustics

The Cort AD series are a fantastic place to start on the tighter budget or just getting into acoustic or electro acoustic guitars.  Superb build quality, combined with our in house quality control and set up service ensures that even a "cheap" guitar will inspire you play again and again.  Check out the video for a summary of this range or CLICK HERE to seem them in the catalog...

December 08, 2012


Cort SFX Series Electros

For 2013 Cort guitars have come down enormously in price and with new distribution in the UK stock is becoming more and more available again.  Fantastic news for anyone who is looking for quality over branding.  The SFX series are small, slimline electro which represent immense value especially for plugged in performance or someone requiring an electro with a more electric guitar feel.


Click here to see the complete Cort SFX series in the catalog.